Here are some frequently asked questions regarding premium and regular gasoline.

Q: My owner’s manual says my car takes unleaded gasoline. Will upgrading it to premium provide any benefit?

A: No, so save your money. High octane provides no additional benefits for cars that are designed to run on regular.

Q: What is that pinging or knocking sound?

A: Those are noises indicating to you that the gas and air mixture in your car’s cylinders is not burning as intended. These noises are caused by the result of uneven combustion of fuel and air in the cylinder. This will reduce the deficiency of your engine and may cause damage after a period of time.

Q: How is premium gas “better”?

A: Compared to regular gasoline, high-octane (premium) requires higher temperature and pressure to ignite, making it capable of withstanding higher pressure without reigniting. Because of this, it is less likely to result in premature ignition and prevents the pinging/knocking sound we discussed previously. Basically, it’s a form of protection for high compression engines.

Myths about premium gas:

  1. Premium gas gives you better miles per gallon
  2. Premium has special or extra detergents in it that are good for cleaning your engine.. they may be in there but studies show they make little to no difference.