Lefler Collision Collects Donations for Hurricane Harvey Relief

We are collecting donations to be driven to Houston by our friends at Evansville Garage Doors from Sept. 1-Sept. 8 at all four locations. We will accept any gently used or new clothing as well as donations listed below…anything will be greatly appreciated! Our body shops are located in Evansville, Newburgh, and Henderson and are open from 7:30a-5p Monday through Friday.

Lefler Collision & Glass Celebrates 65 Years!

We celebrated our 65th anniversary on Friday, August 18th. It was a perfect day filled with our friends from the community, those who help us do what we do, and our family. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by one of our locations, joined us for the ribbon cutting, and have supported us over the years. We are so grateful to be apart of this community!

Lefler Collision Wins Platinum in Readers’ Choice Awards!

Thank you Tri-State for naming us Best Body Shop for the sixth year in a row! It is an honor that we do not take lightly and we promise to continue providing legendary customer service, along with highly trained technicians, to ensure your vehicle is repaired right the first time. Photo: Our Maxwell Avenue location staff


Lefler Collision Receives Assured Performance Certifications

July 28, 2017


Lefler Collision & Glass Earns Official Certification and Prestigious Top Automaker Recognition

EVANSVILLE ‐ Lefler Collision & Glass has been officially Certified by Assured Performance, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization for maintaining the right tools, equipment, training, and facility necessary to repair the participating Automaker brand vehicles according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In achieving their Certification, Lefler Collision & Glass is now an integral part of the most advanced repair capable and efficient auto body repair network in the world. Adding to the their credentials, Lefler Collision & Glass is officially recognized by Assured Performance, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, GM, Ford, Nissan, and Hyundai.

To become Certified and officially recognized by the various Automakers, Lefler Collision & Glass passed the rigorous Certification process essential to help ensure a proper and safe repair of the new generation of advanced vehicles. Less than 5 percent of body shops across the nation are able to meet the stringent requirements to become officially Certified and recognized. The Certified network is made up exclusively of best-in-class collision repair businesses that have met or exceeded the stringent requirements of the Certification program.

According to Lefler Collision & Glass CEO, Jimmy Lefler, “This certification supports our reputation for superior customer service serving our community. We are your neighbors and friends, so it is important to provide our customers with the peace of mind that their vehicles are being repaired correctly by highly trained professionals that care about them.”

The Certification criteria is based upon auto manufacturer requirements. These are critical to ensure the vehicle fit, finish, durability, value and safety following an accident. As new model vehicles are being introduced that use light weight high strength materials and advanced technology, a proper repair according to manufacturer specification is even more important than ever to ensure the passenger safety and proper performance of the vehicle. Auto manufacturers want to ensure that consumers have the option of Certified Collision Repair wherever they live, work, or travel.

“Consumers need the confidence and peace of mind to know their vehicle is repaired by a shop that has what it takes to ensure the vehicle safety. Lefler Collision & Glass is officially a Collision Care Provider™,” said Scott Biggs, CEO of Assured Performance Collision Care™. “They represent the standard by which all other body shops are measured.”

About Assured Performance Collision Care™: Assured Performance Collision Care™ is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization specializing in the automotive collision repair market segment. Assured Performance works with the top automakers to identify, audit and promote collision repair providers that meet best-in-class business standards and the manufacturer’s requirements. Consumers can go to: www.CollisionCare.org or www.autobodylocator.com to find a list of Collision Repair Providers.


Media Contacts:

Lefler Collision & Glass

Megan Williams
Director of Marketing

(812) 465-2333


Lefler Collision Hosts Tecumseh Students for Junior Achievement Job Shadow Day



On Friday, December 2nd, we hosted 8th grade students from Tecumseh Middle School in partnership with our local Junior Achievement’s Job Shadow day. The students were able to watch cars go through every step of the repair process, from estimating to tear down and painting. They learned about the software we use to input customer data and learned about the variety of positions we have within our business. The students said one of their favorite parts (besides the pizza and cookies) was the tools that the bodymen use. We love the work that Junior Achievement does and look forward to being a partner with them as much as possible.


With deer season quickly approaching, please check out some of these tips to help keep you and your family safe.

  • Use extra caution in known deer zones
  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • At night, when there is no oncoming traffic, use high beams
  • Avoid swerving when you see a deer
  • Scan the road for deer and other danger signs
  • Do not rely on devices such as deer whistles

And here are some deer facts that all drivers should know:

  • Deer are on all roads
  • Deer are unpredictable
  • Deer often move in groups
  • Deer movement is most prevalent in the fall
  • The hours between dusk and dawn are high risk times


In the unfortunate situation where you do find yourself in an auto-deer collision, here are some tips on how to stay safe and handle the situation:

  • Move your vehicle to a safe place. If possible, pull over to the side of the road, and turn on your hazard lights. If you must leave your vehicle, stay off the road and out of the way of any oncoming vehicles. Deer are most active at dusk and dawn—times when you or your vehicle may be less visible to other motorists.
  • Call the police. Alert authorities if the deer is blocking traffic and creating a threat for other drivers. If the collision results in injury or property damage, you may need to fill out an official report. This report also can prove useful when filing your insurance claim.
  • Document the incident. Take photographs of the roadway, your surroundings, damage to your vehicle, and any injuries you or your passengers sustained. (Take plenty of photos: This may help make your claim easier to process.) If witnesses stop, take down their account of what occurred, and ask for their contact information.
  • Stay away from the animal. A frightened, wounded deer could use its powerful legs and sharp hooves to harm you.
  • Don’t assume your vehicle is safe to drive. Double-check that your car is drivable after colliding with a deer. Look for leaking fluid, loose parts, tire damage, broken lights, a hood that won’t latch and other safety hazards. If your vehicle seems unsafe in any way, call for a tow.

Indiana and Kentucky are both considered high risk states for deer collisions. In Indiana, there is a 1 in 136 chance while in Kentucky the odds are 1 in 103 this year.


PLEASE NOTE: Before a collision occurs, make sure you’re protected with the right type of insurance: Damages from auto-deer accidents typically are covered under comprehensive insurance, not collision.

Thanks to State Farm for providing the data!


FAQ: Premium versus Regular Gasoline

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding premium and regular gasoline.

Q: My owner’s manual says my car takes unleaded gasoline. Will upgrading it to premium provide any benefit?

A: No, so save your money. High octane provides no additional benefits for cars that are designed to run on regular.

Q: What is that pinging or knocking sound?

A: Those are noises indicating to you that the gas and air mixture in your car’s cylinders is not burning as intended. These noises are caused by the result of uneven combustion of fuel and air in the cylinder. This will reduce the deficiency of your engine and may cause damage after a period of time.

Q: How is premium gas “better”?

A: Compared to regular gasoline, high-octane (premium) requires higher temperature and pressure to ignite, making it capable of withstanding higher pressure without reigniting. Because of this, it is less likely to result in premature ignition and prevents the pinging/knocking sound we discussed previously. Basically, it’s a form of protection for high compression engines.

Myths about premium gas:

  1. Premium gas gives you better miles per gallon
  2. Premium has special or extra detergents in it that are good for cleaning your engine.. they may be in there but studies show they make little to no difference.

Lefler Collision and Glass Repair Centers Promote Joshua Lefler to Location Manager

Lefler Collision and Glass Repair Centers have promoted Joshua Lefler to Location Manager of their Maxwell Avenue body shop. He is a 2009 graduate of F.J. Reitz High School and a 2013 graduate of the University of Southern Indiana. Lefler holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration.

Lefler Collision & Glass Repair Centers Named Platinum for Best Body Shop by Courier & Press Readers’ Choice Awards!

2016 Readers Choice Award Banner

Here at Lefler Collision & Glass Repair Centers we are proud to announce our fifth consecutive Platinum award by the Courier & Press Readers’ Choice Awards! It is an honor to be voted by the Tri-State as best body shop and is a title that we do not take lightly. We are dedicated to providing our customers the absolute best service and experience during their collision repair needs and hope to continue to be a game-changer in the collision repair industry. We now have four locations throughout Evansville, Newburgh, and Henderson to best serve our customers. Thank you again for allowing us to serve our awesome community.

Lefler Collision & Glass named ABRN #1 Shop in the Nation for 2nd Year.

The Advanstar Automotive Group, a leading provider of integrated media solutions to the automotive aftermarket and collision repair industry, has announced that Lefler Collision & Glass in Evansville, Ind. is the 2013 ABRN Top Shop. The company is led by owner Jimmy Lefler.

According to Krista McNamara, ABRN managing editor, Lefler Collision & Glass is a past winner in the annual competition that honors the Top 10 collision repair facilities in the United States.

McNamara says the shop continues to stand out in 2013 because Lefler has instilled an immense value in the continued pursuit of knowledge through training and education in his shops.

“The company creatively markets itself to the community through educational seminars highlighting vehicle safety and maintenance, and events geared toward women and teen drivers and their parents,” explains McNamara. “They further engage the community through their social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, and have increased ease of contact and online accessibility with their mobile app.”

Lefler’s focus on customer relations continues, and the company has begun working with Summit Software to provide digital photo and information updates in real time to customers during the repair process.

– See more at: http://www.searchautoparts.com/abrn/shop-owner/lefler-collision-named-2013-abrn-top-shop?page=0,0